Monday, March 8, 2010

sTORI Telling by Tori Spelling

I read this book in 3 days. I like Tori Spelling. I liked her on 90210 and I like her on her newest reality shows Inn Love and Home Sweet Hollywood. So I liked getting this inside peek at her life.

She talks a lot about her feud with her mother on TV and I never really knew what it was about. The book gave me a little more insight into that. Basically they just aren't really close. Her mom does seem controlling and the money issues seem to be a lot of what the feud is about. But honestly I think Tori isn't all innocent in the situation either. I think she wants that super close mother/daughter relationship you see on TV and a lot of people just don't have that but it is no reason to be so petty about the whole thing.

I learned that she has been trying to work this whole time since 90210, but she just kept catching bad breaks. I was disturbed at how her and Dean hooked up. I get it, you both fell head over heels for each other, but you were both married but still slept together on the first night you meet?

She does come off as a little bit spoiled and I think she blames a lot of things on bad luck, that really could be blamed on bad decision making, but overall I like her. The book is funny and it is really cool to get a behind the scenes in Hollywood perspective from a non-tabloid source. She is open and honest and frank throughout the book and I really appreciate that.

I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.

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Jen said...

I read this book a year or so ago and I liked it too. I love reading biographies and autobiographies. I like reading about real people. You aren't the only person who felt how you did about her relationship issues, but since I've lived it I completely understood. As a matter of fact when reading the book I was screaming that was me!!! I know what it feels like to be married to someone you don't love and don't have any sort of connection with.

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