Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perfect on Paper by Maria Murnane

The (mis)Adventures of Waverly Branson

Waverly Branson is engaged to marry the man of her dreams (in fact she kind of wonders if he is a little out of her league).  But two weeks before the wedding he calls it off.  He says he just doesn't love her anymore.  (Um...I might have to murder the guy for putting me through something like that!).  Waverly eventually starts to pick herself up and start living again with the help or her two friends.

She is embarrassed and feels like a failure about the end of her engagement so she proceeds to tell almost everyone that she was the one who called it off.  Meanwhile the guy goes on to get married shortly after and she actually runs in to them in the grocery store!  Talk about torture!

She has a great job in sports PR and her life over the next year or so just follows some of her (mis)adventures of being a single girl.  As a single girl I could relate.  But her life is much more glamorous than mine.  I mean she befriends a famous basketball player at one of her trade shows and then becomes BFFs and shopping buddies with his wife (a Olympic figure skater) later while in NYC.

It was kind of comforting that she doesn't automatically fall in love with a new prince charming.  In fact she kind of develops a crush which I enjoyed!

I also loved that her best friend's name was McKenna!  That is one of the names I picked if I ever had a baby girl (so don't steal it!  But ummm...the chances of that happening are looking pretty slim, so I may never get to use it!)

Overall this was a good, quick read!  A great chick-lit book for the summer!

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Malcolm said...

Glad you liked "Perfect on Paper" -- I did, too.
I posted an interview with Maria Murnane on my site,
Maria is in talks with movie people to try to bring the book to the screen. That would be cool.
Love your site -- good luck with the list!

Jen said...

Thanks Susan, I'm going to put this on my list to buy next. Where do you find all of these books anyway? I usually find my next books from you or sometimes if I hear about them on NPR.

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