Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Specials (Uglies, Book 3) by Scott Westerfeld

I liked this series.  I really did.  But it took me forever to get through this book!  I wasn't as in love with the whole thing by this point I guess.  Or maybe I just don't like when Tally turns in to someone other than herself.

Basically this book picks up where book two left off.  But now Tally has been turned in to a Special.  And not just any Special, but one of the elite new Cutters within the Special Circumstances.  The Specials are enhanced even more than the Pretties to the point of looking harsh and cruel, but still beautiful.  The best part is all your physical abilities and senses are enhanced and optimized.  You are pretty much invincible.  And you are programmed to think you are better than everyone else.

Tally is teamed back up with her BFF or "frennimie" Shay.  They have wild adventures trying to stop the New Smoke and help her ex-lover Zane.  It's all very "icy" and "bubbly".

But part of me started to get annoyed with these books.  The main characters value being pretty above everything and think they are better than everyone and now they are cutting themselves to get "icy"??  Not the best example.  It all turns out with a good moral story in the end, but I don't know...I just didn't love them.  Something was off about the storyline to me.  They just didn't sit right with me in the end.

I give this one 3 out of 5 stars.

I'm going to stop my journey with these books here for now.  I have the last book Extras, but I need a break for now.


Lori Hollis said...

That's exactly how I felt! The author completely changed Tally!!! Very frustrating. You must read A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Jen said...

When I first started this book, I felt the same way, but by the end and definitely by the end of Extras I felt differently. I think that you and I might have different perspectives though, and that's cool. See I always found something unsettling about Twilight- it was creepy to me, and these books don't bother me even though the emphasis is on beauty (in the beginning anyway). The cutting I thought was strange- but then again, it really does happen in the real world so maybe bringing it up might help people- who knows. The author writes Sci-fi though, so I don't try to over think it. I hope you like Extras better. :) I love all of the bubbly and icy talk.

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