Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

I generally love Jennifer Weiner books.  I loved Good in Bed, In Her Shoes and Certain GirlsBest Friends Forever did not disappoint.  It was not a life changing book, but it was a good, quick, enjoyable Chick Lit read.

Addie Downs and Valerie Adler became best friends when Valerie moved across the street from Addie when they were just little girls.  Valerie was the skinny, pretty, outgoing, eccentric one and Addie was the down-to-earth, too nice, stable, overweight one.  Valerie envied Addie's perfect family and Addie envied Valerie's seemingly exciting, easy life. 

Something happens in high school that drives Valerie and Addie apart, but 20 years later Valerie shows up on Addie's doorstep needing help.  Addie drops everything to help her old friend.

As the story unfolds we see flashbacks to their childhood friendship, how their lives have changed over the years, and the incident that drove a wedge in their friendship.

It was a really enjoyable story with a sweet ending.  I especially liked the flashbacks to their childhood friendship.  It made me remember being 10 and riding bikes and going on vacations with friends.  I miss being a kid.

I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.


Lori Hollis said...

OMG. I totally read this book, but forgot until I read your review. You ever do this? I need to come up with a better way to keep track of what I read. what do you use?

Suz said...

I forget what I have read sometimes too! Especially with chick lit. I guess this blog has become how I keep track of what I've read. I try to write a little review for everything I've read since I started this.

Suz said...

also I use and there is a transaction history in there that is helpful for knowing what I've already read and mailed out!

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