Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Day I Shot Cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt

I have always liked Jennifer Love Hewitt.  I loved her back on Party of Five and I love her now on Ghost Whisperer.  I mean I am not a raving fan, but I have really liked her.  Somehow it brings me comfort to know that someone that pretty and successful still has bad luck in love sometimes and is still single.

Her book, The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello My name is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I'm a Love-aholic is so cute.  Granted I did not care for the graphics on the cover and used throughout the book.  It makes it seem more of a sex book than a cute, funny book on dating and trying to find love.

Here is a description of the book from

For any woman who has ever bought a self-help book and wondered why she bothered. (P.S. Now that I know he's just not that into me, where do I go from there? Yeah, thanks for that advice.)

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a self-proclaimed "love-aholic" and hopeless romantic (her middle name is Love, after all!). She has been lucky and unlucky in love, and lived to tell--and she's done it all in the spotlight. Much has been written about her love life--some true, most made up to sell magazines. Now Hewitt shares the real story of what she's learned navigating the dangerous dating waters.

In The Day I Shot Cupid, Hewitt offers her hard-won wisdom and tells us how to embrace love with both feet on the ground. First, we have to shoot Cupid. We have to believe that happily-ever-after is hard work--it's not all flowers and symphonies and floating hearts.

Wise and wry and refreshingly honest, Hewitt talks about how to pick the right guy and how to know when to let the wrong ones go free, and she offers some surprising truths about the opposite sex.

From twenty things to do after a breakup, to ten things to do before a date, to the perils of text flirting (Note: You are waiting. By the phone. For his response.), Hewitt uses stories and dating secrets to illustrate the idiotic, romantic, crazy, depressing, hilarious, awkward, glorious moments we all experience in relationships. Funny, quirky, and empowering, The Day I Shot Cupid deserves a place on every woman's nightstand, bookshelf, or coffee table, or tucked inside her oversized designer handbag.

It is a really cute and funny book.  Her story about getting Vagazzalied was freaking hilarious.  I also loved all her cute titles to the chapters.  She also included fun little extras like 10 Hardcore Truths about Men and 20 Things to do After a Break-up.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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