Monday, July 23, 2012

Love Lies by Amanda Lamb

When this trial was going on in Raleigh I was OBSESSED with it.  I even wrote about how I was going through withdrawals from it.  So I just had to read this book even though I had heard before that it was totally biased.

Here's a synopsis from Amazon:

Who killed suburban wife and mother Nancy Cooper...?
Suspicion fell on Nancy's handsome husband, Brad. But why would a devoted husband and father of two young girls want to kill his wife? Nancy's parents and friends knew why. And what transpired revealed secrets not only about Brad, but about their deceptively quiet town.

It would take a mountain of damning evidence to make sure justice was served.

After reading the book, I can see why Amanda Lamb was biased.  She ran in the same circles as Nancy (had seen her around everywhere she hung out), their kids were similar in age, and they even lived in the same neighborhood I think.  So I am sure when this happened she thought "Wow, could this happen to me?"

The book is totally biased, doesn't tell as much info as if you would have listened to the whole trial, and basically assumed Brad did it from the beginning.  I think there was one small chapter on Brad's defense.  I kind of hate that I wasted my time reading it, but for some reason I was obsessed with that story, so anything to feed that obsession is something I will consume.  I am still waiting for the Lifetime movie!

I give the book 2 out of 5 stars

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