Monday, July 23, 2012

Fishbowl by Sarah Mlynowski

A few years ago I read Milkrun by Sarah Mlynowski and LOVED it!  I absolutely loved her writing style because it felt like I was reading how thoughts flow through my own head- random, all over the place, with humor and a little bitchiness throughout.

I don't know if her writing just wasn't as good in this book, if I had changed or if the story line was lacking, but for some reason I didn't enjoy this one as much.

Here's a synopsis from

Smart, witty and a little bit bitchy, Fishbowl lets you press your face against the glass, see into the lives of three unique roommates -- and laugh your head off. — Allison can't wait for Jodine and Emma to move in to her apartment -- until she realizes having roommates means living in a fishbowl: You are never alone. When one small, slightly accidental fire leads to one big repair bill, all efforts to avoid each other are finally abandoned: They've got to raise money... fast ("Insurance? You mean you have to pay for that?"). This means joining forces. Bonding? Well, at least they're talking to each other!
Amazingly, they agree on a plan: shamelessly exploit their combined expertise on the male species for hard cash.?Tactics: sell tickets to their swanky soir?es and How to Pick Up Women seminars... But their grand scheme sweeps away any last shreds of privacy with startling consequences. Now that they're forced to take a long, hard look at themselves, Allie, Jodine and Emma's lives -- and budding friendship -- are about to change, in ways they never imagined. 

I give this one 3.5 out of 5 stars

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